Currently the CDC lists only 6 viral zoonotic diseases of national concern for the United States: Influenza, West Nile virus, Coronaviruses (e.g., SARS, MERS, COVID-19), Rabies (Rhabdovirus).

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has unequivocally illustrated that this list is woefully insufficient, and that even geographically isolated zoonotic diseases can be rapidly disseminated across the planet with medically devastating, socially destabilizing, and economically destructive consequences. With over 100 novel human virus pathogen species having been discovered just since 1980, 80% of which are associated with non-human origins, the threats to both Human and animal health now needs to be taken more seriously.

For decades governments and the public have regarded military spending as an acceptable expense for the “public good”, rarely questioning the benefit of procuring expensive defense resources even though they may never be used, as evidenced by nuclear weapons stockpiles. Consider this against the backdrop of past public outcries against the “wastefulness” of government spending on vaccination programs as public health initiatives. Whereas to date vaccination has been positioned purely as a means of controlling zoonotic viral outbreaks to reduce medical costs and death, Vacunax believes its technology can serve as prophylactic “health defense weapons”.

Vaccination preparedness is a necessity to protect our national security, health, social and economic stability against nature’s biological threat just like any other man-made weapon of mass destruction.

Mission Statement

To create, manufacture and maintain a vaccine repository of “health defense weapons” to protect from zoonotic viral threats to human healthcare, national security, and economic stability, and global food safety.
To provide all nations access to inexpensive vaccines for zoonotic viral threats so mankind may respond to outbreaks instead of pandemics.
To maintain the regulatory, clinical and technical capability to rapidly apply Vacunax technology to address novel zoonotic viral threats
To maintain a sustainable, robust vaccine manufacturing capacity for the future needs of mankind.

Executive Team

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Richard Anthony, PhD

Founder and President

Dr. Anthony is the Founder and President of Vacunax Inc.

Dennis T. Brown, PhD

Principal Scientist

Dr. Dennis T. Brown is William Neal Reynold Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry at NC State University.

Raquel Hernandez, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Raquel Hernandez is Research Associate Professor of Biochemistry at NC State University.

Richard Kim, MBA, CPA

Interim CFO

Mr. Kim has over 25 years of experience in the field of corporate finance.

Dennis Ruff, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Ruff combines education in biology and internal medicine with more than 30 years of medical practice and clinical research experience.